An increasing number of commercial clients are choosing hardwood flooring options, appreciating that stylish and hard-wearing choices offer the opportunity to transform any business space. Particularly popular within the retail and hospitality sectors, commercial hardwood flooring can provide a tempting and cost-effective alternative to carpets, engineered floor solutions and other, less robust choices.

For those looking to create an appealing setting, allowing customers to feel that they are in welcoming surroundings, hardwood floors are likely to provide a significant part of the mix. They have the ability to lift the atmosphere in any room, acknowledging the need to really take care of those who will contribute to the success of your business.

Many large organisations appreciate the benefits offered by hardwood floors, enjoying the lower maintenance costs that are associated with these hard-wearing options. That’s why local councils and other service providers are increasingly opting to install wooden floors within their property portfolio.

For developers and other contractors, hardwood flooring will often represent the obvious choice. A new build home, for example, can be transformed by using hardwood floors throughout the interior, helping to create that all important positive first impression. The flooring can help to increase the value of a property and will also make a purchase more enticing, making it easier for properties to be sold earlier in the process.

Why not just go for a very cheap option? We firmly believe that looking for the cheapest price on a low quality floor is likely to be a false economy. Such floors tend to need considerable maintenance, given that they are open to damage. It’s also likely that they will need to be replaced relatively quickly. A hardwood floor, by comparison, can be expected to last for many years. There’s also the critical question of image and the impression that will be created. Do you want to portray an image of professionalism? Unfortunately, cheap floors tend to look disappointing. They scream out to others that you have cut corners and decided not to spend money on creating a more positive image.

For commercial clients, there are numerous factors to consider when deciding on flooring. Although price is likely to be one consideration, we believe that there needs to be a very firm focus on what you are looking to achieve. Without an understanding of these objectives, it can be incredibly difficult to make the best choices. That’s why our team of experts can be on hand to provide assistance.

About Euro Floors London

From our base in Wembley, we provide quality products and impressive standards of workmanship. Able to provide supply, installation and finishing services, we appreciate the value of demonstrating an eye for detail. We also believe that it’s important to provide all of our clients with real value for money.

We’ve worked with a number of high profile commercial clients in the past, notably including the National Theatre. Our work there, which involved a major overhaul, was particularly well received. Other clients have included PEC Limited, Bubba Gump and Bembe Parkett.

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