1.1.The Company, means Euro Floors london Ltd

1.2.The customer, means the consumer or business client

1.3. The Contract is any sale of goods or service provided by The Company to The Customer

1.4 Quotations are valid for a period of 28 days from date of issue and do not constitute an offer.

1.5 Estimatse do not constitute an offer and are based solely on the cost of materials and services listed within them.

1.6 Product and service availability is correct at time stated by The Company, but unless confirmation of an order is given along with receipt of cleared payment, no guarantee of availability can be given

1.7 The company is not bound by any order until written acceptance and acknowledgement is raised. The Company can reject any order.

1.8 Whilst The Company will make every effort to provide goods and or services at the time and or, for the duration stated, it accepts no responsibility for any costs or consequential losses due to delays

1.9 Payment for all materials will be taken in advance, along with a deposit against any services. If only services are provided, a deposit will be taken in advance. The balance of payment due from The Customer must be paid directly upon completion of the Contract.

2.0. All goods and services remain the property of The Company until full payment is received. The Company reserves the right to retrieve goods and or reverse services should a balance payment remain unpaid. The Company may claim other costs, including legal fees and any other costs associated with the collection of unpaid balances

2.1. Any issues with goods or services that may arise, must be reported by The Customer, to The Company within 24 hours.

2.2. In the case of Bespoke Finishing , The Company will make every effort to assimilate the sample offered/accepted, however, The Customer must be aware and accept that there will be general variations from one piece of wood to the next and therefore no consistency is implied or stated. The company accepts no returns nor cancellations on Bespoke Finishing.

2.3 Certain works that may be within the scope of The Company have risks attached(e.g under cutting skirtings). Whilst  care will be taken during these works, The Customer is responsible for any damage(eg cut pipes, cables) caused by this type of works.