1fe843871a139db858b2f681c847a79dIf your existing floor is looking worn and tatty, why not consider having it refurbished? We can sand, fill, replace damaged boards, colour and finish the floor to meet your requirements, transforming it, or bringing it back to its best.

Your floor may need nothing more than a buff and reseal, or it may require a major face lift.

A floor will look at it’s best for longer if you look after it properly. If you happen to spill something, make sure that you clean it off afterwards as soon as you can. It is a good practice to avoid dragging things on the floor (eg. furniture, heavy objects) as it may leave marks and scratches. For more information in regards to maintenance please get in touch with a member of staff.

The sanding machines we use are the best that money can buy and actually extract up to 95% of the dust created so your property will not be filled with billowing dust as you might envisage.

The finishes that we use to seal your floor are varied but generally are either Hard Waxoil or Lacquer. There are so many different variants and sheens but the majority of our finish coats are Low to Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) so are environmentally friendly. We always use the best products on the market, products that look great, offer premium protection, and are straightforward to maintain.


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