If you prefer a parquet in a customized shade, our bespoke wood flooring services are exactly what you need. Euro Floors specialists are ready to transform any standard wood flooring into that bespoke wood flooring you’ve always dreamed of.

All you have to do is buy your unfinished flooring, and our bespoke wood flooring specialists will finish it to your exact tastes. Our bespoke wood flooring services are performed in a controlled environment at our workshop so when the floor is delivered, it is ready for use.

Why choose our bespoke wood flooring services?

With extensive experience in bespoke wood flooring, our experts can obtain any shade and any style. Do you prefer a vintage look? We can age and distress the wood to make it look reclaimed, but at a much lower price than the genuine article. No challenge is too big for the Euro Floors team when it comes to bespoke wood flooring.

To help you get an aesthetic, unitary decor, we have also included in our portfolio a wide range of bespoke wood flooring accessories. From solid stair treads to nosings, we make sure that all the details follow the same style as your bespoke wood flooring.

It is true that today the market offers you a wide range of colors, but nothing compares to a bespoke wood flooring. The advantages of bespoke wood flooring services are clear: 100% customized shade, lower cost and an infinite possibility of creation. The only limit is the imagination, but not for Euro Floors specialists. We are here to offer you premium, hand finished products, manufactured with precision and professionalism by our specialists in bespoke wood flooring.

We invite you to consult our bespoke wood flooring range, and if you need more details, do not hesitate to contact us!

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