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AC5 Rated Laminate Floors

AC5 Rated Laminate Flooring products are great for High Commercial Traffic.



Premium Laminate Flooring

The 8mm range of premium laminate flooring products are an amazing alternative to wooden floors.

They come available in various wooden species looks and delivery times are cca 48hours from the order date, within London M25 area.

Should you be looking instead for wooden floors, we recommending having a look at our vaste selection of engineered wood floors.

Our premium laminate floors will look almost identical to real wood. However, it they are much cheaper compared to solid or engineered wood floors.

Therefor, if you are looking for quality at an affordable price, our selection of premium laminate flooring makes an excellent choice.

You should find the AC rating on all packs of laminate floor that you buy. If it’s not on there, our advice is simple, don’t buy it!

The Abrasion Rating System encompasses a series of tests that include impact resistance, burn resistance, stain resistance, swelling under moisture, and also includes a Tabor Abrasion test.

With an AC5 floor, plain and simply, you get a higher specified product. An AC5 floor is often a thicker floor, often has sort of water/ splash protection, and  fits together easier. Now you may be thinking that it’s the fitters problem to make sure it fits together correctly, but we have found there is a definate link between floors that fit together well and those which end up still looking great after 10+ years.

Just take a quick and browse throughout the colours available, and once you found something you like, you can have it in about 48 hours* after ordering (applies for London/M25 area).

Always ask one of our staff members for further and more accurate details.

AC5 Rated – For High Commercial Use.

1-strip design laminate flooring.

8mm thick

193mm wide

1380mm long

Click System

Domestic/Commercial Use.

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