We supply , install and bespoke finish superb Hardwood flooring. Our products are excellent and our installers have been hand picked and trained to the highest possible standards.

Here’s a collection of images from our projects through the UK.

Before & After

  • Before-Herringbone Installation
    After-Herringbone Installation
    Before Herringbone Installation After
  • Before-Walnut Staircase
    After-Walnut Staircase
    Before Walnut Staircase After
  • Before-Master Parquet
    After-Master Parquet
    Before Master Parquet After
  • Before-Laminate Walnut Flooring
    After-Laminate Walnut Flooring
    Before Laminate Walnut Flooring After
  • Before-Sand and Seal Pine Flooring
    After-Sand and Seal Pine Flooring
    Before Sand and Seal Pine Flooring After