Quick and Easy Floor Installation Costs

We have built a small Floor Installation Calculator that works out a cost for laying down your new floor.
Whether it is a new engineered wooden floor, solid, laminate or vinyl flooring, our calculator is able to give you a cost for the new flooring installation.
The cost generated will cover most, if not all the materials required such as underlays, glue and even a few profiles that you need around the area.
To use it effective, make sure that you fill in with choices that fit the best in your case (for the best of your knowledge). Do not leave any of the steps un-ticked as the price generated might be far from truth.
Should you not know the details of the job itself, always feel free to send over the details to us by email. We will then be able to work out a rough cost for the installation and further arrange for a site-visit.
The price provided at the end of the form, aims to cover the labour rates along with the materials needed for the job. The final figures, amounts, breakdown, costs will be subject to a site visit.
Bare in mind that Euro Floors London practices a minimum installation rate of £500+VAT.  The minimum fee applies for jobs that are less than 20m2
Euro Floors London’s main considerent when it comes to pricing, will be the Order Size. Based on that we can offer some of the best deals on engineered wooden floors and other products alike. All product prices listed on our website are subject to movement.
Don’t forget to visit our Sister Company’s Website, EFL-SHUTTERS & WINDOWS that deals with the supply of Plantation Shutters, Windows and Doors.
For a more comprehensive quote feel free to get in touch with us.

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